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We are happy to be part of rapid.tech 3D in Erfurt this year! As a hotspot for 3D printing, the trade fair is not only an exchange of knowledge and ideas, but also a platform for networking. The motto "Understand. See.

The webinar series

For the 24th time, Hamburg 1 yesterday chose the "Hamburger of the Year" in a total of six categories.

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Under the motto "Where ideas take shape", the who's who of the additive manufacturing industry will meet again this year at Formnext in Frankfurt - the world's leading trade fair and industry platform. 

Bringing together the topics of materials development and AI - that was the goal with which the webinar series "AI+M - Innovating Materials with Artificial Intelligence" was launched in the summer of 2022.

With Stefan Ritt and Mahendran Reddy, Fehrmann has appointed two experts from the 3D printing industry as vice presidents. The two managers want to further drive the expansion of the company.

Accelerating the industrialization of metal 3D printing

Accelerating the industrialization of metal 3D printing is a very important topic for us. That's why we would like to pass on this invitation to you. And that's why Henning Fehrmann, FEHRMANN Tech Group, will open the event with a keynote.

3D printing and data science expertise for the materials development centre

First of all, we were able to engage in great conversations and talk about different use cases.

An expert in 3D printing systems for the sale of new metal alloys

After extensive tests with 3D printers from SLM, EOS and Concept Laser, it is now certain: Regardless of the machine, AlMgty achieves comparable mechanical properties and densities of over 99 percent.

Henning Fehrmann: "Thanks to Yuliya Deichsel's technical affinity and her relevant professional experience in international foreign trade management with a focus on customer support in the B2B sector and in the export of plant and machinery for pl

"I want to be part of the revolution in the materials landscape for metal 3D printing," says the ambitious Brit as she explains her decision to join our company.

The high-performance aluminum alloy that can do more